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Designing an online store

Design an online store:

Designing an online store , the sophisticated Serv5 company offers you professionalism in designing electronic stores, as
in this modern era in which developments in modern technology have flocked, people no longer pursue their needs in the
virtual market or malls and existing stores, as everything has become available for purchase through The Internet, even services, are also provided
through the Internet, for example it is possible to request a service to ship products from foreign stores through the
sites that provide this service, so designing an electronic store for any company that provides products has become one of the basics that make the
sales of this company flourish and that Without making any effort and the need to buy a store to display these products, you
rely on our company to design an online storeProfessionalism saves you a lot and facilitates the process of selling your products and reaching
your customers easily.

To contact us on the unified number 00201288863631


The professionalism of an electronic store design company in the design work of stores:

Serv5 shows you its professionalism in designing electronic stores , based on the advantages it offers in the design
and the programming points in it, as the design features of a comprehensive professional store have many programming points as follows:

  • A distinctive logo and decree specific to the field and the identity of the company or institution providing the products.
  • Design compatible with all browsers, mobiles, and screens, and is friendly to search engines.
  • An online store design features a slide show to display the latest newly added products.
  • The home page of the store has a place dedicated to displaying the most distinguished and highly rated products from customers.
  • A special registration form for customers, search for products and the ability to search through the basic
    and sub- categories to facilitate the process of customer access to the products, for example when there is, for example, the classification of electronics
    in the store as a basic classification, and its subcategories fall under it, monitors, laptops, and tablets … … etc., when
    the customer chooses this classification for electronics, the subcategories that fall under him will appear, so that he
    can easily find the products he wants.
  • Designing an online store that enables you to add an unlimited number of products and categories to them in the store.
  • Each product is able to add a sufficient explanation of all its details and add more than one image of the product and all its colors
    , shapes and sizes.
  • Customers can evaluate products through the store.
  • The design includes the shopping cart, favorites list, returns and product comparison systems.
  • In the  design of an electronic store, effective electronic payment methods such as PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and others are available.

Pages and control panel:

  • Our product page includes all the products offered by the company.
  • The latest news page, through which you can add an unlimited number of articles.
  • A special page for uploading an unlimited number of photos and another for uploading videos.
  • About us page, which includes all the services you do according to your specialization.
  • Contact us page that contains your google map, addresses and methods of communication such as numbers and e-mail.
  • The control panel for designing an Arabic electronic store is easy to control all large and small on the site.
  • The store is connected to all its social media pages.
  • The possibility of making applications in the future.

There are other advantages that you can add in the design of an online store according to your desire, and they are:

  1. Adding the merchants feature through which you allow merchants to add their products on your own site in return for a commission of your
    own as the owner of the site hopes that it will be a fixed monthly commission or a commission on sales or the number of products, for example
    adding 10 products for 30 riyals, adding 50 products with 40 riyals … And so it is also possible to display merchants’ products on the
    main page in the distinctive products, and that is also at a return that you specify as the owner of a store, (it is possible that you make
    the merchants feature free for everyone at the start of the store’s work).
  2. You can add Almmad products feature in the design of an electronic shop any possible to put your product in Mmad
    and determine the date began Almmad and expiry date and price of primary to him and can work Almmad on a certain number of pieces, for
    example , the minimum is to buy two pieces of the possibility to participate in The date and this feature is also available for the merchant center.

Designing an online store


Serv5 is your best choice to start designing an online store that distinguishes your products: –

  1. Our company has more than 11 years of experience in the field of information technology.
  2. We have talented designers in bringing out aesthetic touches in your own design.
  3. We have the full team of professional publishers to produce clean, clean and orderly code that you can easily modify later.
  4. We have experience in the field of electronic marketing, after completing the implementation of the entire project, we begin to draw a marketing plan
    with a successful strategy for your project through several means, which are social media, digital identity management
    , professional motion graphics videos , WhatsApp messages and sms targeted to places, interests and age
    And sex and others.
  5. Rely on us and request an online store design offer from the best online store design company and own a large window to
    easily market your products to the whole world.

To contact us on the unified number 00201288863631

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