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Serv5 achieves your goal
12 years of experience in the field of e-marketing and web programming, the ceiling of our dreams was the space we came to have our dream about and worked on new dreams; You are also entitled to succeed and achieve your goals, and our mission is to help you achieve your goal.
Stay special

Web Hosting

With us, you will get the strongest hosting with a support service throughout the day. I mean, your site files will be safe. You will not forget a lot and ask the service of the distinguished hosting service ..



Design your site as you like. With us, we will deliver to you a website designed and determined to succeed, because we have an integrated team that has studied how to distribute the website details in a way that serves you.



Programming codes play a very important role in the success of the site, so we take great interest in programming and provide a team with long experience in managing and implementing programming tasks.


Mobile Apps

The application makes it very easy for you as a project owner, and it helps you to be in constant contact with your customer so that this service will provide you with the service of designing mobile applications with the latest technology ..


Motion graphics

Move it with the touch of a surf. Motion and animation are an art, sir. I mean, if you have the traditional, it will not be us :) Because in the graphics we are in the creativity of our souls and we are working ..


Identity design

The digital ID with us is not the same as the picture of the card, you can be sure, because we have a whole team whose only mission is to come out for you a distinctive digital identity that attracts you to your customer.

How we work
We think, we think again

Of course, we must think about whether the customer - marketing, programming - so we must think about how to clear each step of the work steps in which a benefit to the customer and bring him back with profit, by degrading the comprehensive plan ..

Communicate with the client

Here, we come to the stage of presenting ideas and plans to the client, and we explain to the client what the workflow will be and the period during which each part of the work will be completed and the final handover will be repeated ..

Receive & make money

At the end of the journey, we hand over to the client a comprehensive file of all the agreed upon plans that have been completed, as well as the results

Premium products
Happy clients
Years of experience
Join our clients now

For 12 years, we have been happy to work with more than 2,300 clients, and we will be happy to have you too on our list of clients for the year 2021. Our distinction in providing all services related to web design services, website programming, mobile application programming, and marketing services; So we became your best choice.


Our clients
Clients we are honored and happy to work with them in building their sites, applications and internal systems of their own. Clients we are honored to work with them in building sites, applications and internal systems.

Serv5 Blog

All that is new in terms of programming, design, and everything related to the world of technology All that is new in regard to programming, design, and everything related to the world of technology All that is new in terms of programming, design, and everything related to the world Technology

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