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Design websites and mobile applications

Design websites and mobile applications

If you want to design websites and mobile applications, you should contact serv5 because it has the best team trained at the highest level in designing websites and applications and has a high ability to keep up with the times and follow the latest developments.

Design websites and mobile applications

If you are the owner of a company and you want to make a website or application to communicate with customers or to offer your services through it, then you definitely need a reliable company to deal with it. serv5 is one of the best companies that you can use to do this task because it has the best teams of programmers who are able to design Your site professionally, because the design of the site is one of the basic things that make it easier for you and the customer to do a lot of things, the most important of which is the way to communicate and market the product, as there are now more than half of Internet users connecting to the network through their mobile phones.

The importance of website design

There is a great benefit to the owners of companies and institutions from owning a website that has a modern design, and the following will display some of the benefits of website design:

Accessibility throughout the day.

The costs are low.

It gives you credibility.

Provide convenience to users.

Excellent marketing.

Increase and move sales.

Access to new markets.

Types of mobile applications

original applications.

Responsive sites.

Web applications.


Things to keep in mind when designing websites and mobile applications

Easy to use for the customer so that he can use it easily.

E-marketing work through social media to know customers about it.

Ensuring full protection for the customer and then saving his data to complete the purchase process.

It is distinguished from other applications, especially those that share the same activity with it.

Work on constantly developing the application to keep abreast of the developments that are constantly taking place.

The design should be suitable for all different phone systems such as Android and IOS.

Adding ads to the application to increase profits by contracting with companies to be advertised.

Website creation goals

Communicate with the customer 24 hours a day.

Buying and selling online with a credit card.

An excellent way to display the site in order to improve its image in front of customers.

Work productivity can be increased by answering customers’ frequent questions about working on the site.

You can promote the product at any time around the clock, and there is no other way to display this flexibility.

Using e-mail to promote the product, but by sending ads to all customers without the need to pay money.

Advantages of creating mobile applications

First, contact with clients:

Website design companies and mobile applications provide you with the freedom to communicate with customers at any time 24 hours a day. Offers can be announced through the use of notifications. It is also possible to announce the existence of discounts or the addition of a new product. It is also possible to know the opinion Customers in products through their ratings.

Second, increase sales:

Since there is no person who leaves his mobile phone, if it becomes possible to use it to shop online because he has more opportunity to shop than a laptop in order to shop from your online store, it has become easier to create an application to shop through it because it is easy for the customer and it is considered a good way to increase sales And your profits.

Third profit through the application: –

If you want to profit from applications, you must create a space for ads on your application, because this increases your sales and profits, and all this is through the mobile application.

If you want to communicate with the serv5 company to request the service and learn about the rest of the services provided by the company, you must enter the company’s website and call the phone number on the site or by sending a message via the company’s e-mail, and you will be contacted through the existing customer service team with the company.

Website types

Websites have witnessed a remarkable development in line with technological developments in various business sectors.

Social Media.

Government websites.

search engines.

Electronic stores.

Websites of banks and banking services.

Commercial sites.

Educational sites.

news sites

 What are the types of websites in terms of technologies?

1- Dynamic websites:

Dynamic sites are the most advanced and fastest to update, which is not available in static sites, and provide the advantage of changing the content at any time as the owner of the site without returning to the designer.

These sites include a database of information and data for a large number of files, and these modifications are dealt with through a control panel.

2- Fixed sites:

It is distinguished by its ease of design, but the modification of the content inside the site requires a specialist to do the modification correctly.

The method of entering information and its database is one of the main points of difference between static sites and dynamic sites in terms of stability and the extent of the possibility of development and modernization.

However, you can select your business type and thus choose the type of website you need to design.

The most important customer questions about designing websites and mobile applications

Does the company provide website and application design?

It is possible to design a professional website and obtain an application for the same site at a special price, and it is also possible to obtain a distinguished website design offer now on the occasion of the 13th anniversary of the establishment of the company

How much does a company profile website cost?

Introductory website prices start at $400. The design includes many features that the customer is looking for, such as communication methods, an introductory profile of the company, and different sections that can be controlled through a simple control panel.

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