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Hosting companies script

Hosting companies script
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Script hosting companies management from Serv5

Script hosting companies, today we offer you a distinct template for hosting and design companies, suitable for all web services 

General features of the script:

Script hosting companies

  • Continuous technical support for the script around the clock from the Serv5 company
  • The script of hosting companies is characterized by ease and speed in performance and handling.
  • Hosting companies’ script is characterized by friendship with all search engines.
  • Through the hosting companies’ script, you can control the appearance of the site.
  • Hosting companies’ script is constantly developing and updating.
  • There is a special control panel in the script for each of (client – employee – manager).
  • The script is comprehensive for all fields and is not limited to one domain only.
  • Where the company manager can use it if his company specializes in any field.

Invoices and Accounts:

  • Alert when there is any new invoice by e-mail and SMS
  • The ability to control invoices in terms of modification, deletion, addition, and others.
  • It is possible to grant an employee the ability to see the characteristics of the accounts.
  • The possibility of reserving the request through the customer and adding an invoice to him automatically.
  • The billing system has the ability to add a discount or add a tax cost or preparation cost
  • Hosting companies’ scripts have an easy and simple system to search for invoices
  • The hosting companies script has a special list of bills awaiting payment.
  • It is possible to export the invoices in different formats with specifying the total amount of the file.
  • The possibility of exporting the company’s accounts from the beginning to the end date to find out the profits.
  • Script of hosting companies is available with the ability to export invoices for a specific customer.
  • Automatically create invoices as soon as the service ends or near the end of the service, according to a date to be determined by the site manager

Technical support and customer service:

Script hosting companies from Serv5

  • Control by adding an infinite number of technical support departments and the ability to modify them.
  • The possibility of arranging the display of technical support departments according to your desire.
  • The possibility of allocating specific sections for employees so that if he is a design employee, for example, you can prevent him from seeing the details of other staff.
  • A special system for quick responses, which enables the employee to quickly insert a response from a list of responses without the need to write it again with a system for the manager’s ability to control it.
  • Script hosting companies enables you to hide any section from visitors.
  • You can close any section by adding tickets with a message to close.
  • Alert the employees and the customer about the presence of new tickets or new responses.

News system

Script hosting companies from Serv5

  • A special system for adding news by the site manager.
  • The ability to control news as deletion and modification.
  • Display new news on the front of the site.
  • News archive system to filter old news.

Customer Reviews:

  • A special area for customer reviews with the possibility to cancel this feature.
  • The possibility of preventing visitors from adding their opinions and limiting it to customers only.
  • You can block customers from adding new reviews.
  • The ability to monitor opinions and not approve them except after approval of the administration.
  • Show customer details for management when adding any opinion.

Design Gallery:

Script hosting companies from Serv5

  • A special exhibition to display the company’s designs with the possibility of canceling this feature
  • The possibility of adding free designs and downloading them by visitors
  • The possibility of preventing visitors from viewing the exhibition
  • The possibility of closing the exhibition with a message to close
  • Comprehensive details of each design, including the site name, year of design, and type of design

Bank accounts:

Hosting companies’ script is characterized by the ability to add an infinite number of bank accounts, with special details for each account, the

possibility of modification to the account details by the administration.

 Products and services:

Special and appropriate specifications for each service in a sense that the specifications of the hosting service differ from the design ,

from other services, making it easier for the customer to see the details of his service without any fatigue.

Full and comprehensive support for most companies’ services, mainly not just hosting.

Easy and fast control of the website services from adding, modifying, deleting and others.

Notice when the service ends with e-mails as well.

Easy system to search for services for SMS employees

Script hosting companies from Serv5

Script hosting companies from Serv5

Easy to control
Easy to control

The ability to control the shape of the site quite easily

Ease and speed
Ease and speed

Ease and speed in handling and performance


Continuous technical support for the script around the clock


The script is comprehensive for all areas and is not limited to one area only, as the company’s manager can use it if his company is specialized in the field of design, programming,etc.

SEO Friendly
SEO Friendly

Script is fully friendly for search engines

control panels
control panels

A special control panel for (customer - employee - manager)