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Designing websites and applications

What is the best web design company?

There are many web design companies, but what is the best web design company 🤔 ?! If you are wondering about the best web services company, then you should try Serv5 because it is a distinguished company that has a great history in this field. It provides a lot of web services that customers need at the best prices, such as website design, website programming, e-marketing, network marketing, social media Motion graphics, view more .


The company offers a distinctive website design service that matches its interface with the goal of the site and with search engines and SEO settings, the site can be displayed on all devices and screens Responsive, the company provides a control panel to manage all parts of the site, whether pages, sections, lists in addition to the technical support service, mailing bulletins and linking Social networking sites Twitter, Facebook , YouTube , LinkedIn .


Types of websites offered by the best web design company

Offers serv5 company all kinds of sites that needs to customers , whether commercial sites, educational sites, government sites, news sites, sites private and government institutions, personal sites also offer design stores online service and web design networking marketing aims of these sites to: –

Commercial website design

Recently, many commercial project owners have resorted to website design services because they have made

a large material profit and saved a lot of expenditures in traditional projects.

These projects are
characterized by the sale of products or services, and these sites expire.

Designing educational websites

In light of the recent Corona conditions, many educational institutions have relied on websites

to implement the spacing system and maintain the health of students, and you can distinguish educational sites

from other sites by ending edu.

Hukoomi website design

Governmental and administrative institutions and various work offices provide on the websites as one of the types

of additional services in addition to office services and through which the information that

customers need is also provided before moving to the institution and

these sites end with gov.

News website design 

The purpose of the news sites is to provide exclusive news information about current events in all

political, medical, sports, artistic, educational
fields .

These com sites end.

Website design associations

Every institution or association needs marketing or promotional campaigns. This is achieved through designing the

association’s sites. These sites end with org. The

best association sites
can be found
here .

Personal website design

In the recent period, personal websites have become an integral part of the digital identity through which

information about the person and the services he provides
is displayed, and

these .info sites terminate.

The importance of website design

  1. Website design helps to exist permanently and thus meet the customers’ need at any time without committing to work dates or vacations. It has also increased customer confidence during the recent period with the increase in e-commerce activity.
  2. The websites made it possible to obtain general information on commercial establishments and study information, so it became easy to access any information through the Internet, and some educational centers and institutions provided their own sites for remote study.
  3.  Internet sites have increased the credibility and confidence of customers, as some customers do not trust companies that do not have a website, information on the Internet, or social media pages.
  4. Website design saved a lot of expenses, especially online stores, as it saved a lot of material things such as utilities, the cost of rental, workers, and others.
  5. The sites enable the analysis of the performance and identity of the customer, how to find it, the research activities he needs, and how to properly target customers .

What are the steps for designing a website ?!

If you are the owner of a commercial project or need a website design service, you must be familiar with the steps

that the site goes through during its creation, and the most important of these steps are: –

Obtaining a distinctive domain that expresses the service provided by the site, and this field must be distinctive, short,

easy to remember and not used by any other institution.

Searching for a specialized website hosting company through which you can obtain the hosting service and provide

users with multiple postal services. Website hosting prices vary from one

company to another and depending on the size of the site.

Preparing the content of the site and it must be exclusive, distinctive and expressive content of the service provided by the

site, and the site must be divided in a way that attracts the customer so that the priority is what the

customer is
looking for in the sections and pages in order to facilitate access.

Website design , and this step can be done in more than one way, either through platforms that allow the creation of

free sites or through specialized programming companies, and you must make sure

that the site is compatible with all devices and screens.

Website design packages

Serv5 offers distinct packages for different web services, and the website design package varies according to the size and type of the site. Is it a wordpress site or special programming, is it a large site or a small site? Large sites and special programming sites are expensive compared to other sites.

The most common customer questions about designing websites and applications

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